‘Grey Matter’ is an ongoing photographic collaboration between two friends, Elaine Suzanne Miller and Jason Robinette

In 2014, we began to collaborate on photographs that stemmed from our conversations about the dynamics of relationships.  These images focused on our own unique, but universally experienced celebrations, frustrations, regrets and hopes in this realm.  After one of us moved to another state, it was difficult to come together to work on our project.  Because we both speak a similar language photographically, we decided to incorporate our physical distance and throw away words altogether. We continued having our conversation exclusively through individually made 5” x 7” photographic prints delivered in the mail.

We made three rules: 

1. Create images only informed by the previous one received 

2. Keep the conversation focused on emotional relationships

3. Never discuss the meaning of the images with one another 

The rules of the project have forced both of us to give up some control and the pace at which things move. We found this process mimics aspects of the relationships we are referencing in the photographs themselves.  It forces us to slow down, pay attention, look for connections, and investigate the emotions involved on all sides.  Sometimes we’re able to relate to the image/experience the other is conveying, while at other times feel lost or confused.  We embrace this way of working and find this process enlightening.  We are excited at the possibility of others finding their own stories or meaning within ‘Grey Matter’, especially as the project continues to grow.

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